Complex Geophysical Station

It is located in the settlement of Zhigansk at a distance of about 600 km to the north of Yakutsk. The station provides comprehensive geophysical observations of geomagnetic field variations and cosmic noise absorption of radio waves, auroral and ionospheric features. It is equipped with a set of facilities for measurements of variations and pulsations of the geomagnetic field with  an  all-sky camera, ionosondes for vertical and inclined sounding of the ionosphere, and a riometric station.

Research objectives

* Comprehensive monitoring on the Yakut Meridian Chain (YAMC) of geophysical processes occurring at different latitudes.

* Study of convection dynamics in the vicinity of the plasmapause based on ionospheric observations at subauroral latitudes.

* Study of the manifestations of seismic activity in the variations of ionospheric parameters.

History of foundation

In January 1976, the staff of the Laboratory of ionospheric research began to construct of ionospheric station in the settlement of Zhigansk and for a short period of time they built a prefabricated house, provided it with heat, installed antennae and equipment. Since March 1976 ionospheric parameters have been measured according to the standard program, and the Yakutsk-Zhigansk-Tixie ionosonde meridian chain has started to operate.

Experimental base

Ferrosonde magnetometer of the German company Magson with 1-second time resolution;

MAGDAS-9 ferrosonde magnetometer with 1-second time resolution (since August 2011);

“Keo Sentry” all-sky imager ;

DPS-4 digisonde;

Trimble 5700 dual-frequency GPS receiver;

Broad-beam riometer system;

On the territory of 50,000 sq. m.  there are the main building (101.6 sq. m.), ionospheric station building (56.0 sq. m.) and antenna field (500 sq. m.) . Internet connection with the main building of the Institute is provided for transmission of ionospheric and magnetic data through the radio channel.

The antenna-feeder complex of ionospheric station consists of a transmitting antenna of “delta” type and 4 receiving polarized antennae. Radiosounding of the ionosphere in the range of 1-20 MHz is carried out in a patrol mode every 15 minutes.

Geographical coordinates of the Zhigansk station

  (φ =66°46 ‘N, λ =123°21’ E).

At present, the ionospheric station “Zhigansk” is included into the global network of ionospheric stations under the code-ZH466, Zhigansk, Russia (66.8 N, 123.4 E).

Head of the station

Valery Viktorovich  Khristoforov