Optical Station

The station is located near the village of Maymaga, remote from the city of Yakutsk at a distance of about 140 km to the north. Spectrophotometric and interferometric expedition observations of the night airglow, aurora and stable subauroral red arcs (SAR arcs), neutral wind temperature and wave disturbances of the upper atmosphere are carried out. The station operates as a part of the global network of stations within the framework of the PSMOS (Planetary Scall Mesopause Observing System) international project.

Experimental base

– high-aperture digital Fabry-Perot spectrometer for measurements of the temperature and winds at altitudes of the lower and upper thermosphere;

– SP-50 and IRTD-OH Infrared digital spectrographs  for  measurements of rotational temperatures and the intensity of hydroxyl and molecular oxygen bands in the night airglow;

– digital all-sky camera for investigation of the wave processes by the night airglow in the near-infrared area;

– digital photometer scanning along the meridian with two channels for parallel recording  of the  557.7 and 630.0 nm [OI] emission intensity;.

– digital four-channel photometer for measurements of the 427.8 and 630.0 nm emission intensity in the magnetic zenith with the amplitude resolution of 2 Rayleigh;

– digital photometers for the study of pulsations of the N2+ molecular band intensity in the latitudinal range of 4 degrees;

– CE-318 solar photometer of “AERONET” ground-based remote sensing aerosol network and SP-9 photometer  for the measurement of optical properties of atmospheric aerosols;

SL-1 stratospheric lidar for investigation of the optical properties of atmospheric aerosols and middle atmospheric temperature;

“Keo Sentry” all-sky imager by Keo Scientific Ltd. (Canada) for observations of subauroral luminocity and aurorae in the emissions of 630.0 and 557.7 nm [OI], 486.1 nm (H-Beta), 470.9 nm (N2+), 620 nm (continuum) and 480 nm (continuum).

Head of the station

Semyon Vyacheslavovich Titov

Junior researcher

• stitov@ikfia.ysn.ru

• +7 (4112) 390-457