Polar Geocosmophysical Observatory

The Tixie Polar Geocosmophysical Observatory (PGO) is located near the settlement of Tixie at a distance of about 1300 km to the north of Yakutsk.

At the Tixie PGO the registration of cosmic rays and VLF emission, measurements of variations of the geomagnetic field, auroral absorption of radio waves and ionospheric characteristics, observation of optical night airglow and aurora are carried out.

Research objectives

  •  Comprehensive monitoring on the Yakut Meridian Chain (YAMC) of geophysical processes occurring at different latitudes;

*Study of the nature of cosmic rays;

* Study of the optical observations of the Earth’s upper atmosphere emissions;

* Study of the structure and types of magnetospheric disturbances;

* Study of conditions for the excitation and propagation of geomagnetic pulsations and VLF emission.

History of foundation

Observations of optical phenomena in the upper atmosphere were started in Yakutia in 1957 in connection with the International Geophysical Year (IGY). At that  time, a network of stations for patrol observation of aurorae, being a part of international complex, was organized on the mainland of Yakutia and adjacent islands of the Arctic Ocean (in Tixie, Zhigansk, Kazachye, Verkhoyansk, on the islands of Shalaurovo, Kotelny, in Aldan and Yakutsk). The most important observation points were Tixie (Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Yu. A. Nadubovich and E.A Ponomarev) and Yakutsk (Academy of Sciences of the USSR, V. P. Samsonov, V. I. Yarin). In addition to patrol observations of aurorae, the spectral and radar measurements were carried out, and other phenomena of the electromagnetic complex associated with the aurorae were recorded. A number of observations of aurorae during the IGY period were made by Hydrometeorological Service of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist  Republic (YaASSR)  under the scientific supervision of the Yakut Branch of Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences (V.P. Samsonov).

On the initiative of the first Director of SHICRA Yu. G. Shafer and under the support of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1961, a geophysical group of the Arctic Observatory in Tixie was conveуed to the Yakut Branch of Siberian Division  of the USSR Academy of Sciences as the Polar Geocosmophysical Observatory (PGO) “Tixie”. The first head of the station was E. A. Ponomarev.

Experimental base

– neutron monitor for the  measurement of  cosmic ray;

– “KeoSentry” all-sky imager ;

– Shamrock infrared spectrograph;

– MAGDAS-9 flux-gate magnetometer;

– broad-beam riometer system;

-“Vertical” ionosonde;

– digital multichannel VLF-receiver;

– Boltek EFM-100 electrostatic fluxmeter;

– AMK-04 automatic ultrasonic weather station;

– recorder of signals of radio navigation stations in VLF range;

– scintillation gamma detector;

Geographical coordinates of the Tixie PGO (φ =71°36 ‘N, λ =128°47’ E).

Head of  the Tixie PGO

 Denis Yurievich Khoroshevsky