Laboratory of Magnetospheric-Ionospheric Research

The laboratory was founded in 2011 on the basis of the laboratory of ionosphere physics and  laboratory of geomagnetism. Ionospheric (A.P. Mamrukov) and geomagnetic (A.A. Danilov) observations at the Institute began in 1960, and since 1985 riometric (V.D.Sokolov) measurements of cosmic radio emissions are carried out. The heads of laboratories in these research areas  were V.F. Smirnov (laboratory of ionospheric research), S.I. Soloviev (laboratory of geomagnetism), S.N. Samsonov (laboratory of hard radiation, laboratory of magnetospheric particles), I.P. Bezrodnykh (laboratory of magnetospheric particles).

Research directions:

  • Research of the structure and types of magnetospheric disturbances during periods of magnetic storms of different intensity according to the data of complex geophysical measurements, the relationship of magnetic storms to substorms;
  • Research of the conditions of excitation and propagation of storm  ULF waves, depending on the phase of the magnetic storm;
  • Research  of the structure of high-latitude ionosphere;

  • Investigation of large-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances;

            Investigation of the influence of space weather on the state of  human cardiovascular      system in polar and subpolar regions.

Experimental base of the laboratory includes:

 a network of ionospheric stations (the Yakutsk-Zhigansk-Tixie) equipped with DPS-4 and “Vertical” ionosondes for vertical and oblique sounding of the ionosphere;

a network of magnetic stations (Yakutsk-Zhigansk-Tixie –Kotelny isl. -Chokurdakh-Zyryanka) equipped with  the “MAGDAS 9”  magnetometer with the transfer of information in quasi-real time to the  Institute’s server;

the MAGSON magnetometer for registration of H, D (horizontal), Z (vertical) components of the geomagnetic field;

a network of riometric arrays (the Yakutsk-Maimaga-Tixie-Kotelny isl.) to measure the absorption of cosmic radio noise;

 the all-sky television camera installed at the Zhigansk;

the magnetic observatory at the Yakutsk  operating  under the INTERMAGNET program.

the ADU-07  24-bit geophysical electromagnetic measuring system

Acting Laboratory Head

Dr. Dmitry Gavrilyevich Baishev

Leading Researcher, C.Sc.( Phys.& Math.)