Laboratory of optics of atmosphere

 The laboratory was formed on the basis of the laboratory of aurorae and night glow and the laboratory of geoinformatics in 2011. Regular observations of the aurora and night glow on the territory of  Yakutia began during the International Geophysical Year period (1957-1958). In 1963 the laboratory of upper atmosphere physics was organized  and V.I. Yarin was appointed to the post of head of the laboratory. Later, the laboratory was headed by E.A. Ponomarev, E.F. Vershinin, Yu.A. Nadubovich, V.P. Samsonov, V.M. Ignatyev, V.N. Alexeyev, S.V. Nikolashkin .The laboratory of geoinformatics was formed in 1995 (headed by V.S.Soloviev) to study the distribution of cloud cover, ozone content, forest fire detection, monitoring of river floods and other characteristics of the surface layer using a receiving station of  satellite (NOAA) information.

Research directions:

  • thermal regime of large-scale circulation and wave disturbances in the high-latitude thermosphere and mesosphere;

 dynamic phenomena in the diffuse aurora and subauroral red arcs in order to diagnose magnetospheric -ionospheric processes in the vicinity of the plasmapause and near-Earth region of the plasma layer during substorms and storms;

*spatio-temporal distribution of pyrogenic events, cloud cover, aerosol fields and ozone layer in Eastern Siberia;

* research of effects of the global climate change in variations of the characteristics of the underlying surface (the dynamics of water content of  the area, state of the vegetation layer, etc.).

The experimental base is located :

at the Maimaga station

at the EAS array in  the settlement of Oktyomtsy


Lidar complex

Solar photometer “Aeronet” of the CIMEL CE-318 type and SP-9 type

Receiving station of the satellite (NOAA) information

High-aperture digital spectrometer Fabry-Perot

Infrared digital spectrographs (SP-50, IRTD-OH)

All- sky digital cameras

Acting Head of the Laboratory

Dr. Igor Innokentyevich Koltovskoy

Staff scientist, C.Sc. (Phys.& Math)